“HI, Hilda! I wanted to thank you for all what you did! It’s not the first time I used your casts, and they always worked perfect. This time I write you because I’m going to get MARRIED!!!!! He has just proposed to me. I am so happy and I’m grateful to you all.” Jenny Keller, Ontario – Canada

“I GOT A GREATEST JOB! Thank you Hilda and the council for all the help and support you gave me” Maria Laura, Desalvo. Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Dear Hilda, tell me how did you do it? My girlfriend is back and she is deeply in love with me again! Rosita Gamboa. Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“The council’s work is highly recommendable to every person that feels insecure, ugly or diminished. I, like most of people, had relations problems that have been solved thanks to you Celestial Order. You’ve been very helpful” Mrs. Gray. Wichita, USA.

“Hello. I’m Marion and I purchased a combo spell for my daughter who was unemployed and was also devastated because she had broken up with her boyfriend who lived with her. She called me just a few moments ago really happy because she got a new job yesterday, and she also told me that Timmy (her boyfriend) was calling her with intentions to try again! Thanks to you Hilda, thank you girls!” Marion Yurkim Sydney, Australia.

“Dear Hilda, I’m so proud of who I am now. I can’t believe the changes that happened into my life since I wrote to you. And I though this worked only for women! Hehe, thanks again!” Jorge Dominguez. Colombia

“I was alone and I felt always so bad about myself. I didn’t feel I was sexy at all… Looking myself at the mirror was a torture. After your help, guess who has a new boyfriend? I’m so grateful, thanks to you.” Jenny Juarez , Puerto Rico

“Since my wife had left me I couldn’t find my way. I though the world had no meaning… I had started with depressing ideas. But I met you just by a coincidence! First I thought it was only for women but then I realized that you have a custom spell so I didn’t hesitate and I wrote to you. My depression is gone now, and I met a woman few weeks ago! I’m happily starting to live my life!” Gregory Shelby Alabama, USA

“I’m an actor and this is my first time using this kind of services. How didn’t I do it before! I couldn’t believe my ears when they called me to confirm me I was chosen for that commercial!! My manager told me he is receiving a lot of phone calls, everyone likes me! I can’t believe it! Thank you all” John, M. Los Angeles, USA

“I DID IT! As you know I’ve used your services many times… thanks for giving me the opportunity of purchase the secret spell! IT WORKED PERFECTLY! (mariainespose@hotmail.com) Maria Ines, Pose. Barcelona, Spain.

“I have always believed in your powers. I knew your work because my sister had used your spells before, but I never needed your help till Robert, my boyfriend left me for other woman. It took me just few ours to contact you. I followed your instructions as you told me to. We’d been separated for 2 months but as you predicted, he finally returned to my arms and he proposed me!” Nicole, Monroe. 25 years old. NY, USA

“My husband was desperate. We had lots of debts and he had no job. We didn’t know what to do, and then I remembered I’d used your services before, so I purchased a spell for him and thanks to you and the Celestial Order, he got a well paid job and he is paying all the debts we have.” Dory Burstein. Greenwich, UK.

“I’m a lawyer. My career was blocked. I never believed in witchcraft or magick, but my girlfriend convinced me to contact you. Hilda, I can’t believe it, yesterday I received a phone call, I was offered to become a partner in the firm I am working with! THANKS TO YOU! Joe, Mc Holm. California, USA.

“I was walking in the street and I felt down. I saw a hand trying to help me. When he held me I knew it in that moment that he was the one! I’ve met my love 7 month ago few weeks after purchasing your Celestial soul mates spell. We are the perfect match. I’m grateful, Hilda for your powers” Emily Watson. Alaska.

“Hilda, remember me? My husband used to treat me really bad, and he was always jealous at me. My life was a hell… Well not anymore, I purchased the “Mars comprehend” 5 month ago, and I should say that though the results weren’t immediate he changed for good sooner than I expected! He bis treating me like a princess now and he seems to be deeply in love with me! I’ve never saw him like this, GREAT JOB! A. Juarez. Portugal.

“Hilda and Celestial sisters, thank you for the support you’ve always gave me! I’ve recommended your work to many friends and they are as happy as I am. Keep working cause you are great on what you do!” Silvie Gerony. USA

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