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1. Why choosing your services?
Because our services and very good support and we be here for you. We have happy clients because they get what they were looking for.

2. What are your powers?
We belong to an order who works with our beloved star, the Sun's power. Our particular skills were developed since we were young with a lot of work and devotion. We have the ability of casts successful spells; we all are clairvoyant and astrologer and we perform all sacred Sun's rituals to develop energy enough to master any situation. The strength in our service is: we are 8 or more casters, at the same time, casting your spell . If your case is hard I will join them in your casting.

3. Whatís your success rate?
Our rate of success is really high above 95%. All our clients have always seen results within few weeks, though it can vary from case to case.

4. When will you answer me? Are you available immediately to cast my spell?
Within the first 24 hours I will answer to you. I recommend that you book your spell ASAP as I have a lot of clients; that way you ensure to have your spell done fast.

5. If I have a very difficult case, would you be able to help me?
Nothing is too difficult for me. Strongly united with a lot of skills and the energy from the Sun, everything can be done.

6. I have used someoneís else spell but it didnít work at all. Can you still cast one for me? Am I resistant to magick?
Yes, I can cast a spell (even though if you have a spell that is still active). If the spell didnít work it doesnít mean that you are resistant to magickÖ there are many factors that can affect a spell. Either way, you let me know if you use someone else before I cast your spell.

7. Is your magick dangerous in any way?
Itís not something to be taken lightly or as a game. I work with love and white magick and there is nothing dangerous with it as long as you heart is pure. Neither you nor anyone around you will come to harm with this kind of work if you choose the right path.

8. What can your magick do?
From relationships to business; my magick can fix almost anything! And trust me, it is one of the methods more reliable and stable that people have used since old times.

9. Can I have my results instantly?
Each case is different from another. It can happen that you have results fast or notÖ it depends, but if you donít have results fast it doesnít mean that the spell has failed. In that case I will study the spell to check if something is delaying it or if itís the normal course of the energy. Magick is not a science, so there are different reactions to it.

10. Do we need to be in the same room, area, country, to make this work?
Itís not necessary. Magick has no limits. The connections we make between you and the Sun's force is universal and no matter how far you are the spell will operate healing your problems or giving the solutions you need.

11. How long is the effectiveness of your spells?
It depends on the spell chose. But we have spells that last 1 year and some other that are permanentÖ It will be according to your needs.

12. Do I have to have a special knowledge, skill or other requirement to have a spell done?
Anyone above 18 years old can purchase a spell (if you are under that age you need your parentís consent), no special requirements at all.

13. Do I have to do anything myself?
There is always a simple ceremony involved... we give it to the clients to prepare them for the energy summoned.

14. What do you need from me to do this?
Full name, DOB, a brief description of your case and a picture (in case that you have) as it will help us when I cast the spell.

15. Do you work with biological samples?
No, they can be contaminated easily therefore they became useless most of the time.

16. How do I pay?
First you contact me and I determine which spell is the best according to your needs. Then after purchasing (if you chose e-check, after the credit is done) I will book your cast ASAP according to my schedule.

17. Whatís the maximum amount of spells I can order? Is that possible or they will mess with each other?
You can combine as many spells as you want.

18. How trustful is PayPal regarding to the payments?
Itís a really safe site. You can visit them here for more info

19. I donít have credit card, what should I do?
You can send the payment via western union or moneygram.

20. Are your spells guaranteed?
Satisfaction guarantee: we offer 6 months free recast guarantee on our spells. If you are not happy with the results then we can do a recast after 6 months have passed.

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