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The secret Celestial Order

My name is High-Priestess Hilda. I am 59, happily married and I have 3 beautiful children, all thanks to the power I got from the Celestial Order legacy.

I grew up with spells and wicca traditions, as my family have been dedicated to magick for generations. My great Grandmother, astrologer and clairvoyant, was the founder of a special female council, called Celestial Order, and was it's highest authority. It was based on the energy of the Sun and the planets of the solar system.

My Grandmother passed me all the orderís wisdom, knowledge and the ancient spells she had performed. In time, I became the high Priestess of the council and Iíve been in this position since 1990. It took me years of studying, devotion and practice, and I've been honored with the greatest power of the council.

Through my work, I have developed a great devotion to help people around me. I lead the Celestial Order and together with my sisters, and we will help you!

Our casts are highly effective as we are many casters for each session. The use of energy coming from the Sun, magnifies our already strong spells and makes it possible to accomplish things other casters canít.

We work in the love and power of white magick!

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